We provide medical care in Canada to refugees fleeing from the hell of war - Syria, Sub Saharan Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq and 120 other countries. Refugees like Sami, and his pregnant aunt.

Sami was 2 years old when the Taliban stormed the Kabul Hotel and shot 11 people to death – including his mother, father and 9 year old sister. Sami was hit with 5 bullets – head, chest, shoulder, legs. He lived. When he was stable enough he was transferred to Canada with his new parents – his uncle and aunt. Sami was without Canadian health insurance for 6 weeks. He became ill. His aunt was 22 and about to deliver twins in a few weeks. She too was without health access. When the family walked into clinic, The Canadian Centre volunteer nurses and physicians stepped in. The twins are now 3 years old now. Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children helped us with Sami’s care. He had his brain surgery. He is 5 now, speaks English and plays soccer with his new friends in the schoolyard.

The world is calling on us now more than at any recent time to come together, to extend a helping hand, a fighting chance. It is our way. The searing images from the Mediterranean beaches compellingly remind us this is not the time to be on the sidelines of history. On busy nights in clinic, our volunteers treat 40 patients. The United Nations reports there are more displaced persons and refugees on the run now than at any other other time since it started keeping records.

There will always be refugees and immigrants escaping for their lives who 'fall through the cracks'; whose status is in limbo at points in their Canadian journey. The clinics founders and volunteer primary caregivers have determined that a stronger sustainable clinical and business model is essential to meet the growing humanitarian needs, now and into the future.